Deb Marett, portrait artist
Deb Marett Portrait Artist

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Painted Portrait Commissions

Corporate • Institution • Family



"To be painted by Deb Marett was an honor sublime. Initially I had no desire to be painted and felt a little shy about the prospect, but she warmed me right up with her gentility and kindness.


The task (for me) turned out to be entirely pain free and gracious, and the result, being part of her FAMOUS show, the greatest pleasure. Deb Marett has immense heart and a profoundly visionary gift."


Naomi Shihab Nye

NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature Fellow




"When I saw my completed portrait, to say that I was delighted is an understatement; I was “tickled pink.” Deb somehow captured an inner spirit as well as outward features in the painting, achieving a kind of conversation through her imaginative perspective.  This particular quality was made clear to me when I showed a copy of the painting to a retired executive from the Art Institute of Chicago, who pointed out that Deb had cleverly put me part in and part out of the frame of the portrait and that this placement had created a dialogue of personalities.


At every stage – calling to arrange a photo shoot, the instructions during the photo shoot, the planning of the design, the quality of the overall painting, and the final execution of the portrait – Deb’s professionalism and competence were abundantly clear."


Travis Du Priest, Ph.D.

Retired Professor of Humanities, Carthage College and Executive Director, The DeKoven Center


A Portrait Marks A Person's Place in History

Corporations and educational institutions often honor founders, CEOs, or other employees who deserve special recognition. Some families choose to have a special portrait done for each child at a specific age; others like to show the whole family in a setting that has a special meaning for them. Multi-generational portraits can be especially meaningful. Special events such as weddings, graduations or anniversaries can be memorialized forever with a beautiful portrait.


Portrait Commission Process

1. My process begins with meeting the client and spending some time photographing them, and discussing what they wish to capture with the portrait. This process typically takes about 2-3 hours. I prefer to do a photo shoot / sitting with the subject(s) to create reference material for the painting. I will work from provided photos, if they are of high quality, and suitable in terms of lighting and composition.


2. After the photo shoot, I will choose two or three options for approval from the client. I also like to spend about an hour sketching my subject as they sit for me, if time allows. When I have approval for the pose and composition, I then take all the reference material back to my studio to create the portrait.


3. Depending on the size and number of subjects in the painting, and the amount of desired detail in the background, the process typically takes 2-3 months, although that may be extended for larger/more complex paintings. Pieces that are being ordered as gifts, or with other deadlines such as a formal unveiling, should be ordered with enough time not only for the piece to be created, but also for the paint to dry enough to be framed (typically another 3-4 weeks).


Portrait Commission Fees

Click here to download a current price list.

2020 Price List

• Charcoal sketch, 11x14: $400

• Loose Head Study: $1100

• Head & Shoulders portrait: $2100 starting price

• Head/Shoulders/Hands: $3100 starting price

• 3/4 Figure: $3800 starting price

• Full Figure: $5000 starting price


Sizes vary depending on the composition and whether the subject is standing or sitting.

Add 50% for each additional person shown

Add 30% for very complex clothing or background

Add 30% for each pet shown


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the start of a new work. Fees do not include travel expenses if needed. Final payment is due upon delivery.



Portraits are delivered unframed, and framing is not included in the fee. I am happy to assist with choosing a frame if you would like my input.

Deb Marett, portrait artist