Deb Marett Portrait Artist

Deb Marett grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan in a small town which was originally a Dutch settlement. She went to school in upstate New York and stayed there until work took her to Wisconsin, just north of Chicago. Her lifelong passion for art followed everywhere she went, and continued to flourish as she went from watercolors to oils, and from landscapes and botanicals to portraits. It is in portraiture that she found her true artistic voice, and has been devotedly painting the faces and people around her (“pretty much anyone who will sit still long enough.”) ever since. The development of a good likeness is a magical process: “I feel that painting someone’s portrait is a very collaborative, giving act. It may just be me in the studio, but my subjects’ presence and character are always on my mind as I work.”


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Deb Marett, Artist Statement:

I have found my artistic voice in slowing down the incessant newsfeed of global information that surrounds us, and developing slowly rendered portraits that defy our "selfie-filled" fast paced lives. I have found that painting someone's portrait is a great way to get to know them. I even change what music I listen to, and what movies I watch while I work on a piece, depending on that person's personality and story. There is so much beauty in every face.


My current series, FAMOUS, celebrates lives lived with intent and impact. Though my subjects appear to be everyday people, they are far from ordinary. Inspired by the poem "Famous" by Naomi Shihab Nye, this project is spreading the concept that everyone is 'famous' to the people whose lives they have touched. I hope this project encourages people to look deeper and consider their perceptions beyond the initial first glance.