Deb Marett

Portrait Artist

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Deb Marett, Portrait Artist


Creating heartfelt portraits of loved and honored ones. I seek to be a story teller, bringing life and emotion to a painted portrait that will be cherished for many generations. To me, the development of a portrait is a magical process: I feel that painting someone is a very collaborative, giving act. It may just be me in the studio, but my subjects’ presence and character are always on my mind as I work.





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I always strive to bring more to a painted portrait than a simple copy of a person's likeness. For this painting of Pastor Marr, I began with a plain background, but it was missing personality.


I added the corner of a stained glass window that depicts the scene of the Good Shepherd, which put him at the feet of Jesus in the composition. Then, as a nod to the pastor's life of service, and his love for the music of the Beatles, I translated the phrase "In my life I love you more" into Ancient Greek, and painted it in as if carved into the window sill.

portrait presentation with artist Deb Marett
portrait presentation with artist Deb Marett